Attacks and bites by dogs frequently lead to serious injuries, including wounds that bring dangerous infections, lasting scarring and deformation. The injuries often require expensive medical treatment. Additionally, the unfortunate victim might not be able to work and earn an income to take care of those expenses.

Luckily, if you sustain severe injuries because of a dog attack, you might be eligible to recover compensation for your losses. A Colorado Springs dog attack injuries lawyer from McCormick & Murphy P.C. is willing to help. Our firm has secured the rights of dog bite victims all through Colorado for decades. We can review your case in a free meeting and clarify legal options available to you.

What Are the Most Common Types of Dog Attack Injuries in the Colorado Springs Area?

Dogs can attack violently and brutally. They can cause serious injuries, especially if the unfortunate victim is a child. The most common dog attack injuries in Colorado Springs are:

  • Hand And Arm Injuries – Many individuals put their hands out before them or attempt to cover their face when a dog attacks, while other injuries that can occur are being knocked to the ground

  • Puncture Wounds – The teeth of dogs are full of power. They are a dog’s best weapons in an attack situation. Excessive and fierce bites from a dog can leave puncture wounds on the victim. A dog’s nails can also cause broad cut injuries

  • Scarring And Disfigurement – When a dog pulls at skin, it can easily tear and result in lasting scarring.

  • Damage to the Nerves – When the bite of a dog is extremely fierce, the harm could reach delicate tissues and nerves underneath the skin.

  • Emotional Distress – A dog attack is undoubtedly a terrifying experience. Victims frequently end up with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and can develop a deep rooted fear of dogs

  • Death – Children and older adults, particularly, can sustain wounds in dog attacks that may be deadly

Not all injuries arise from a dog bite or attack. At times, an aggressive canine will knock a person down and cause that individual to incur harm, like traumatic brain injury. Despite the type of damage, a guiltless individual who did nothing to incite the attack has the option to request fair compensation.

What Responsibilities Do Dog Owners Have in Colorado Springs?

Owners of dogs have numerous obligations. Not only do they have to care for their pet, but they also need to guarantee the canine won’t hurt anybody. When dog owners neglect to appropriately socialize their pet or limit them when necessary, they expose themselves to personal injury claims. colorado dog bite lawyers Here are some of the responsibilities of every dog owner:

  • Tending to their canine’s forceful inclinations at an early stage

  • Restricting their canine when it isn’t on their property

  • Staying up to date with vaccinations

  • Restricting the dog from outsiders

  • Posting caution signs when a dog is aggressive or dangerous  

The law in Colorado has set a strict liability standard on canine owners for dog bites. It doesn’t make a difference if the assault happened on open property, e.g., in a recreation center or on private property. So long as the victim was legally permitted on the property and didn’t incite the canine assault, the proprietor faces potential liability.

Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries in Colorado Springs

Victims have a right to claim full and reasonable remuneration for any misfortunes they endure during a canine bite or assault. The compensation may include the following:

  • Economic Damages– These damages can include medical expenses, rehab and counseling expenses and lost income, both past and future.

  • Non-Economic Damages – Victims in Colorado can make claims for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, as well as emotional distress.

If a canine owner was reckless e.g., by letting a known dangerous pet loose, a victim may potentially claim punitive damages. Such damages are intended to punish the dog owner.

Useful Tips on How to Prevent Dog Bite Injuries

Most dog attacks in Colorado Springs aren’t the fault of the victims. But, people can still make certain strides to avoid dog bite injuries, such as:

  • Don’t leave a child alone with a dog regardless of whether the pooch is known to you

  • Try not to play forceful games with a dog, like wrestling

  • Try not to pet the face or the tail of a canine

  • Never upset a dog that is resting, eating or caring for pups

  • Move calmly and gradually

  • When you meet an aggressive dog, resist the urge to panic, step back gradually

The above are just a couple of ways you can potentially avert dog bite injuries. Sadly, they do not work all the time. If that is the case, and you sustain severe injuries, you ought to consult an experienced Colorado Springs dog attack lawyer.

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