Colorado Springs is an excellent spot to get around on a bicycle or motorcycle. Undoubtedly, a motorcycle is more eco-friendly than a vehicle, and less expensive to ride and keep up. Additionally, it gives you a chance to feel the breeze against your face on your regularly scheduled or leisurely ride.

Sadly, as much as cycling is beneficial in many ways, it often turns dangerous for riders. Every now and then drivers neglect to look for cyclists the same way they watch out for other vehicles. Numerous drivers even purposefully attempt to hurt motorcycle riders.

When drivers fail to respect cyclists as they do other road users, it can lead to a severe bike crash. Ordinarily, the cyclist is the person who sustains the most serious wounds. Not only are the injuries painful, but they are also expensive to treat.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash in Colorado Springs, you ought to talk with an accomplished personal injury lawyer. The Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at McCormick & Murphy take incredible pride in helping victims recover from bike accidents. We will seek after all the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us as soon as possible for a free case evaluation.

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Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents In Colorado Springs

Drivers frequently accuse bicyclists or motorcyclists after a crash. However, most motorcycle crashes are the aftereffect of a driver’s thoughtless actions. The most widely recognized types of bike mishaps in Colorado Springs include:

·  Cyclist “Dooring” Accidents Doorings are a major cause of accidents in the United States. They happen when a driver suddenly opens the door of their parked vehicle into the way of an approaching cyclist. The oncoming cyclist at that point runs into the car door and gets knocked off the bicycle. That can result in serious injuries for the cyclist

·  Side-Swipe Collisions – Some drivers pass motorcycle riders and fail to give them enough room on the road. That often results in the vehicle hitting the side of the cyclist and running the motorcycle off the street

·  Rear-End Crashes – At times, drivers don’t look out for cyclists on the road. That leaves riders with insufficient time to stop in case a car changes route. The end result is a vehicle rear-ending a cyclist and tossing them from the motorcycle

·  Left-Turn Collisions – Many drivers turn right at a road intersection without taking the time to ensure the way is clear. Motorcycles using the same intersection frequently get hit.

·  Speeding Crashes – Excessive speed is often a factor in many vehicle collisions, including those with cyclists. Driving too fast not only leads to an accident, but also raises the seriousness of injuries from the crash

·  Distracted Driving Collisions – Numerous drivers in Colorado Springs look down at their smartphones or attempt to perform multiple tasks behind the wheel. Subsequently, they neglect to see a smaller motorcycle on the road alongside or in front of them

·  Impaired Driving Collisions – When motorists drive when drunk or high, their response is impaired. They frequently neglect to see bikers on the road

It’s essential for road users to know the most common reasons for accidents, so they can evade them and protect everybody.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash in Colorado Springs

The first few moments after a bike accident are very critical. It’s essential to know what to do and what to take with you to protect your rights.

To start with, after a Colorado Springs bike collision, you should call 911. Police officers can come to the scene, contact emergency medical responders, and quickly start to investigate the matter. You should adhere to basic facts when you chat with the police. At McCormick & Murphy we can assist you in getting a duplicate of the traffic accident report.

Given that emergency medical personnel come to the scene, ensure you give a full record of every one of your wounds and injuries. If an ambulance does not come to the location of the accident, be sure you see a physician as soon as possible. 

If you are physically able, try to retrieve as much data from the driver as possible, such as a driver’s license number, plate number, insurance details and contact data. On the off chance that others saw the mishap, It’s helpful to record their contact information, as well.

Take photographs of your wounds, harm done to the motorcycle and damage to the car. The pictures can give an account of what occurred. The odds are also high that you’ll desire to fix your bicycle soon, but it is essential for you to wait, since that may become important evidence.

Eventually, you’ll also need to talk with the driver’s insurance agency. You ought not to do this without consulting the Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyers from McCormick & Murphy first. An attorney will ensure to guard your rights and assist you in avoiding mistakes when confronting the insurance agency.

Demonstrating Liability in Bike Accident Claims in Colorado Springs

You may know precisely what occurred before and during the accident. Also, you may know that you were not to blame. An experienced lawyer will be able to use the evidence surrounding the crash to establish the fault of the other driver. The evidence you gathered at the scene, including pictures and witness articulations, will be useful in proving liability. 

An experienced lawyer will collect other significant proof. For example, the lawyer can subpoena the driver’s mobile phone records if you’re sure the driver was distracted at the time. Likewise, the attorney can get the motorist’s test results if the driver was intoxicated when the accident happened. An experienced lawyer can also recreate the crash scene to establish how the incident occurred if necessary. Often, at McCormick & Murphy, we work with accident reconstruction specialists and use displays to demonstrate accidents.

Colorado State has a comparative fault framework. If you’re over 50 percent to blame for the collision, you cannot receive any remuneration. Otherwise, the damages will be decreased dependent on the level of blame relegated to you.

As a result of this law, you can expect an insurance company to try to put the fault on you for the crash. The McCormick & Murphy Colorado Springs motorcycle accident lawyers will aggressively challenge those attempts.

Insurance Benefits

 In addition to the other drivers insurance, you may be entitled to additional insurance benefits through your own insurance company. The experienced lawyers at McCormick & Murphy can help with this.

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