When you are involved in a traffic accident, the police officer that responds to the scene of the accident will file a report about the incident. If you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, the accident report could become one of the most important pieces of evidence in your case. It is recommended you obtain a copy of your accident report as soon as you can after a serious car accident.


Why You Need a Copy of Your Accident Report

A traffic accident report is a report filed by police containing facts about an accident. An accident report usually includes the following information:

  • the drivers’ and passengers’ names, contact information, and insurance details
  • injuries or fatalities suffered in the accident
  • damage to vehicles and other property
  • statements from witnesses
  • a description of the accident

It is important to obtain a copy of the accident report and read it carefully to make sure it is completely accurate. Officers have been known to make factual or subjective errors on their accident reports.

However, disputing the facts of a police report can be tricky. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have trouble getting your traffic accident report amended, but an experienced auto accident attorney may be able to help.


Requesting an Accident Report in Denver CO

Every jurisdiction has its own rules and requirements for requesting a copy of your traffic accident report. Many police departments make it a complicated process, requiring you to file a request form and/or pay a fee to access your accident report. Other cities allow you to access public records for free through an online searchable database.

You usually obtain an accident report from the law enforcement agency that responded to your traffic accident. Although you can download a copy of the record request form on their website, the Denver Police Department does not offer online orders of accident reports.

You must mail order your police report by mailing them a completed report request and processing fee. The processing fee for all record requests is $15, and average turnaround time for mail-in record requests is about two to four weeks.

If your case involves a fatality or a hit and run accident, Denver Police Department refers to the record as an “investigation report.” Investigation reports can be ordered and paid for online through the DPD website. The cost is $15, although you can pay extra to receive a certified copy or have your order expedited and filled within five days.

Keep in mind if the Denver Police Department was not called to the scene of your accident, they will not have a copy of your report. If you were on an interstate or state highway when you crashed, the Colorado State Patrol may have responded to your accident.

If the traffic accident happened in Denver county, outside of Denver city limits, the Denver Sheriff’s Department may have handled the accident.


Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys

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August 3, 2017 | Personal Injury FAQs

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