In our culture, dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” There are millions of dog owners in the United States. But dogs can be dangerous animals. Unfortunately, nearly 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year. Approximately half of these are children.

Nearly 20 percent of dig bites results in an injury serious enough to require medical attention. Sadly, dog bites occur in Colorado every day.

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If you have been injured by a dog bite or dog attack, you should contact a lawyer to discuss your rights. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine whether filing a lawsuit is the right decision for you.

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Dog Bite Info

Dog Bites Are a Major Concern

A dog bite or dog attack can be a serious accident that requires costly medical care to remedy. In 2012, nearly 30,000 people were forced to have reconstructive surgery as a result of being bit by a dog. A dog bite can become infected, and dogs are known to carry serious diseases such as rabies.

You should never attempt to treat a dog bite on your own. If you suffered an injury in a dog bite or dog attack, seek medical assistance immediately. Only a doctor can tell you how to properly treat your wounds. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need to go to a hospital or emergency room.

Preventing Dog Bites

There is no foolproof way to prevent a dog bite from occurring. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of being bitten or attacked by a dog.

  • Respect Boundaries. Like most people, dogs need plenty of space. You should never approach a dog who is eating or drinking, caring for puppies, sleeping, or chewing on a toy. Even if you are familiar with an animal, you should allow him or her to see and sniff you before making contact. You should never approach an unfamiliar animal unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.
  • Stay Calm. Whenever you are around an animal, it is important to stay calm. A dog may perceive loud voices or animated movements as threats and react accordingly. If you are worried that a dog may bite or attack you, do not run away. You should remain as still as possible until the animal loses interest in you.
  • Watch for Waring Signs. There are many behaviors that a dog may exhibit if he or she is agitated, which means there is a higher likelihood of a dog bite occurring. If a dog is yawning, licking, or has a stiff tail, he or she may be upset or anxious. If you see any of these signs in a dog, do not approach or touch him or her. Other signs of agitation in a dog include rolled-back eyes, pacing, raised fur, and a rigid body posture.

What To Do if a Dog Bites You

If a dog bites, try to remain calm. Do not scream or run away, as a dog may perceive this as a threat. If you are knocked to the ground in a dog attack, try to curl up in a tight ball and cover your ears. If you have any personal items that you can “feed” to the dog, such as a backpack, purse, water bottle, or jacket, attempt to do so. Putting an object in between your person and the dog may cause the dog to lose interest in you.

After a dog bite or dog attack, call 911. You should also notify your local animal control department. Try to provide them with as much information as possible about the dog attack. You should seek medical treatment for a dog bite immediately. If left untreated, a dog bite can be fatal.

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