The vast majority of car crashes that occur in Pueblo and throughout Colorado involve two vehicles and, usually, one of the drivers of those vehicles is at fault for the collision. But in rare cases, a single-vehicle collision may occur. As the name implies, a single-vehicle collision is the result of just one vehicle colliding with a stationary object, running off of the roadway, or even rolling over in severe cases. A single-vehicle collision can be jarring, result in serious injuries, and lead to questions about liability. At the law offices of McCormick & Murphy, P.C., our Pueblo single-vehicle accident lawyers are here to help you answer all of these questions and recover a settlement that compensates you for your losses. Call our team today to learn more about how we can help. 

Types of Single-vehicle Collisions

A single-vehicle collision refers to a type of road accident where only one vehicle is involved. Types of single-vehicle collisions might include:

  • Running off the road. A vehicle may run off of the road, ending up in the median or island strip. Road run-offs may be the result of the driver’s unsafe or unlawful behavior (such as drinking while driving), or because the driver has to swerve to avoid another object, ranging from something in the road to another vehicle. 

  • Colliding with debris in the road. Rocks, downed trees, and other forms of debris in the road can be very dangerous. While the party responsible for road maintenance (typically a municipality) has a duty to remove objects in the road, sometimes, this duty is neglected or too little time is available to attend to it. 

  • Bumper damage car crash

    Hitting a stationary object. A driver may also hit a stationary object as a result of negligence, avoidance of another object, or even the negligence of another driver. Light poles, mailboxes, and more are all examples of stationary objects that may be involved in a single-vehicle collision.

  • Collision with animals. An animal darting into the road can be a very shocking and upsetting experience – no one wants to hit a dog, cat, or other creature. Unfortunately, sometimes there is little time for a driver to respond to an animal darting into the roadway, resulting in a collision. 

  • Rollover crashes. Rollover crashes can occur for a variety of reasons but are most common when a driver takes a turn too fast, resulting in the vehicle flipping over. Rollover crashes can be devastating and are one of the most fatal accident types. 

Liability in a Single-Vehicle Accident

As stated above, in addition to the injuries and property damage that a person may suffer as a result of a single-vehicle crash, one of the most upsetting elements of a single-vehicle crash is not knowing who will pay for damages. In a two-vehicle crash, the driver who causes the crash is responsible for paying for any damages that result. But if you’re the only driver involved in a crash, who will cover your injuries and damages?

This question is one of the most pressing reasons why you should consider hiring a Pueblo single-vehicle accident lawyer. One of the services performed by our Pueblo single-vehicle accident attorneys is that of opening an investigation into your crash to determine its precise cause. Once we can identify what caused the crash, we can identify the party who should be held liable for damages. Potentially liable parties might include:

  • The party who neglected their duty to maintain the roadway in a safe condition;

  • The party who failed to maintain proper signage warning of grade, sharpness of a turn, a safe speed to travel, etc.;

  • The party who cut you off, failed to yield, or performed some other illegal maneuver that resulted in your single-vehicle collision; and

  • The manufacturer of your vehicle if unsafe designed contributed to your crash (such as a “top-heavy” design that contributed to a rollover crash. 

The above list is not inclusive – our accident attorneys will work hard to reconstruct your accident with the help of reconstruction experts, providing insight into the causes of your crash and who should be held liable for your damages. 

In addition to filing a claim against a party identified as being at-fault for the crash, you may also be able to bring forth a claim against your own insurance company if you maintain certain coverage types. For example, if you have medical payments coverage, this type of coverage should pay for any injuries suffered by you or your passengers in a crash, regardless of fault. 

Steps to Take After a Single-vehicle Accident in Pueblo

If you are involved in a single-vehicle crash in Pueblo, there are certain things that you need to do as soon as possible after the crash to protect your right to damages. Our Pueblo single-vehicle accident lawyer strongly recommend:

  • Gathering as much evidence as possible. There is a strong likelihood that your injuries will preclude you from gathering as much evidence at the scene of the crash that would be ideal but, if you are able to, you should take photos of the accident scene, talk to eyewitnesses, and note things like weather and road conditions. 

  • File a police report. If you don’t file a police report after being involved in a single-vehicle crash, you will have a much more difficult time convincing an insurance company to pay for your damages. 

  • Seek medical care. You must seek medical care after a crash. Failure to do so is not only disadvantageous to your own health and wellbeing but will also make it more difficult to prove the relationship between the crash and any injuries for which you are requesting compensation. 

  • Call an attorney. In single-vehicle crashes, time is of the essence when it comes to investigating a crash – if too much time passes, evidence may be destroyed and determining the liability of another party will be made that much more difficult. 

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