Motorcycles and bicycles might be fun, but they are also known for being more dangerous to ride. The small size makes it difficult for other drivers to see them and they don’t provide much protection for the riders. That is one reason why fatal injuries are more common in motorcycle crashes than in car wrecks.

Collisions involving motorcycles and bicycles can happen because of poor weather, road obstacles, or even medical conditions. Regardless of the reason, without sufficient time to respond, a motorcyclist will sustain injuries or die.

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What Can Cause a Motorcycle Accident?

A significant number of bike accidents are brought about by car or truck drivers not seeing motorcyclists and bicyclists. Another common cause is motorists neglecting to yield right of way to cyclists.

Other causes of motorcycle crashes are:

·         A few bikers don’t understand they need a similar amount of room to stop as a vehicle does. If the rider needs to break suddenly, they may rear-end the car in front of them if they don’t have enough room to stop.

·         Blind spots. Bikes are small and tend to get lost in a driver’s blind spots. That makes it easier for a driver to pull out in front of or switch to another lane over a biker without acknowledging they were there.

·         An collision can also occur when a driver turns left at an intersection in front of a bike. The size of a motorcycle makes it look further away than it is. That can make a driver think they have the opportunity to make a turn when they do not.

·         Distracted driving is another cause of crashes. Vehicles can often cause accidents when occupied by the radio, a mobile phone, or chatting with fellow passengers and not paying attention to who or what is around them.

·         A dooring collision may happen when a driver opens their car door on the path of an approaching motorcyclist.

What Are the Most Common Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes  

Regardless of whether a motorcyclist is wearing the correct gear, a crash can cause serious or sometimes life threatening injuries. In the most ideal situation, the rider leaves with minor cuts and scratches. In the most drastic scenario, they end up in the hospital with major injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you might qualify for remuneration for your medical expenses, emotional distress, and downtime from work. Here are some of the types of injuries you can recoup damages for:

·         Neck injury

·         Spinal cord and injuries

·         Traumatic brain injury

·         Paralysis

·         Cuts and scrapes

·         Internal bleeding

·         Damage to organs

·         Muscle and joint harm

·         Broken bones

·         Extreme bruising

·         Road rash

What Should You Do If You Are in a Motorcycle Crash?

The most important thing to do if you are in a bicycle or motorcycle crash is to remain calm. Following an accident, you may be in a state of shock and adrenaline will be moving through your body. This can distract you from realizing how injured you might actually be.

In the instance you suffer neck or back injuries, it’s risky to move until you’re completely sure you don’t have significant damage. If the crash caused you to land on your back or neck, hit your head, or roll a few times, remain still until medical assistance shows up or you are positive you’re not injured.

Collisions can be devastating. Being out on the road makes it difficult to find a way to secure yourself and get to a sheltered spot. In case you’re ever in an accident, recall these tips:

·         Call for help. In the event that you need emergency medical help, call 9-1-1. On the off chance that you aren’t harmed, call the local police office’s non-emergency number.  

·         Get to safety. If possible, try to move your motorcycle off the road. At the very least, you ought to get off the street as soon as possible.

·         Look for witnesses. Regardless of whether somebody saw the whole mishap or part of it, having a witness who can support your case if it reaches trial is very beneficial.

·         Record the subtleties. Take photos of the crash site. Include your motorcycle, injuries, the surrounding area, and other vehicles or individuals that were involved. You should also take note of the date and time of the crash, the road conditions, weather, and what occurred.

·         Visit your physician. Even if you do not require medical attention at the scene, you should still have a doctor perform a check up on you as soon as possible.

·         File an insurance claim. Notify your insurance agency, as well as the insurance provider of anyone else involved in the incident.

·         Get an attorney. Reaching out to a motorcycle accident lawyers in Pueblo, CO can help take a large portion of the strain off of you.

What Can You Recover the Damages For?

You just can’t rely on others to drive the way they should. Most bike accidents bring about some sort of damage to the rider. If you’ve suffered a bike accident brought about by the negligence of another person, you may be able to recover damages for the following:

·         Time away from work or lost income

·         Emotional distress

·         Medical expenses

·         Pain and suffering

·         Loss of enjoyment in life because of the injuries

The worst case scenario in a bike crash is wrongful death. Although we hope that never occurs in our locale, it’s a reality all motorcyclists ought to know about. A sudden death leaves a terrible void in a family. No amount of money can ever fill the void brought about by the passing of a family member. However, it can facilitate the financial burden from severe injury or loss of life.

Why You Should Call Pueblo Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Moving on with normal life can be extremely hard after a motorcycle accident. A wide range of feelings, coupled with physical and financial stresses come into play.

Fortunately, the motorcycle accident lawyers in Pueblo, CO at McCormick & Murphy recognize and understand what you’re going through. We have helped countless clients in circumstances like yours. We are focused on giving legal counsel that is caring, and understanding.

Our lawyers will dedicate their time and energy to handle the complex matters of a bike or motorcycle crash. Moreover, they have the legal expertise required to tackle disputes with the opposing insurance companies among other challenging issues. The attorneys will also conduct an investigation, retrieve evidence and construct an effective legal argument to support your claim.

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